Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to create a Member Account?
Yes. Site access and our live events are always free, but a Member Account is required.

Do I have to be a healthcare professional to become a member?
No. Membership is open to everyone.

My Account

What do I do if I don’t know my password?
On the login page, please click “Forgot Password” next to the login button and follow the prompts to reset your password.

What if I forgot or no longer have access to the email address associated with my account?
If you’re just not sure, submit your best guesses; it will state if there is no account associated with that email. If you can’t figure it out or if you can no longer access the correct email account, please contact for assistance.

I know I have the correct login credentials—why aren’t they working?
If you’re certain your email and password are correct, try the following:

  • Be sure there are no spaces before or after your password.
  • If you are using Safari and there is another browser session currently logged in, you cannot login on a second browser window. Please check all running browser sessions.
  • It may be related to browser memory. If you can use an alternate browser, try that first. If not, you may need to clear your cache.
  • Contact for assistance if you still cannot login.

How can I change my account email or update other account information?
While logged in, click “My Profile” from the account menu (upper right corner) and make whatever changes are needed. Be sure to click “Save Changes” before exiting the page.

How do I unsubscribe from email or change my email preferences?
Click on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any CCO email, which will open your browser at your profile page where you can modify your email preferences.

How do I delete my CCO account?
Please send an email to

I have more than one CCO account—can I combine them?
If you have earned CME/CE credit while using more than one CCO account, we are not able to combine them. However, we can deactivate an account you no longer wish to use. Please contact for assistance.

Webinar and Event Participation

I registered for a Webinar—how do I log in?
You should receive an access link by email at least once prior to the date of Webinar. (Please check your spam folder.) If you cannot find the link, email with the date, time, and name (or topic) of the Webinar. Email is typically processed more quickly than a voicemail, and we will want to email you the link. We will do our best to get the link to you in time, but it is highly recommended that you reach out at least a few hours prior to the Webinar start time.

Please do not attempt to login to the Webinar more than 15 minutes prior to the start time.

Can I attend on my phone?
If you have the Adobe Connect app on your device and have a strong data connection, you may be able to, but this is not recommended if you have other options. Audio issues have occasionally been reported by attendees using mobile devices, and a larger screen size can be helpful in many cases.

I could not attend an event/Webinar that I was interested in—can I view a recording of it?
We often post audio recordings and/or downloadable slidesets from Webinars and events, usually available within a few weeks after the event. Depending on your email subscriptions, you may be informed when new content is posted to the site. But you can also periodically check the main site page of your specialty for the latest content. (Go to and click the specialty from the main menu.)

Earning Credit

How can I tell if a Webinar or event is accredited for my degree type?
This information is available on the event’s registration page by clicking the “CME Info” link.

How can I find out how much credit can be earned by participating in a specific event or Webinar?
This information is available on the event’s registration page by clicking the “Accreditation” link.

How do I receive credit for participating in a Webinar or in-person event?
You will need to fill out and submit an event evaluation online. A link to the evaluation will be provided during the event. (For Webinars, it should appear on screen to select and copy.) This link is also emailed to event attendees, but this can take a few days. If you do not receive the link within a week, please contact with the date, time, and name (or topic) of the event you attended.

How can I find Web site activities for which I can earn the type of credit I need?
On the main page of each specialty, you can search by credit type (as well as by content type and topic.)

Content Usage

Can I use your slides in a presentation that I’m giving?
Please feel free to use, update, and share some or all of our slides in your noncommercial presentations to colleagues or patients. When using our slides, please retain the CCO slide credit attribution, including the CCO logo and URL, in the bottom right corner of each CCO slide.

These slides may not be published, posted online, or used in commercial presentations without permission. Please contact for details.

PowerPoint is asking me to repair the file, what should I do?
Clicking the “repair” option will allow the file to open normally.

If the slides do not open after choosing to repair, please contact with the link to the page you are downloading from.

Mobile Apps

Where can I download the CCO Decision Support mobile app?

The CCO Decision support mobile app is available for download to iPhones and iPads via the Apple App store and Android phones and tablets via the Google Play store.

The CCO Decision Support app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running on iOS 10 or later and Android phones and tablets with OS 6.0 and up (Marshmallow [6.0], Nougat [7.0], Oreo [8.0], Pie [9.0]).

Do I need to be a CCO member to use the CCO Decision Support mobile app?

No, you do not need to be a CCO member to use the CCO Decision support mobile app, although some features (such as the ability to claim CME/CE credit) will require you to have a CCO account. CCO membership is free.

Can I earn CME/CE credit through the CCO Decision Support mobile app?

Yes, but only for some decision support tools. If you use a decision support tool that is certified for CME or CE credit, you will have the opportunity to claim credit for any case(s) you submit within a single app session. Review the Activity information when you first run the tool (also available from the … menu within the tool) for instructions on how to claim credit. After you have completed the Clinical Implications questions at the end of your case submission, a “Click here to claim credit” message will appear that will direct you to the CCO Web site to complete the process. You will need to log in or create a free CCO account to claim credit. CCO will help you keep track of all your credits and eligible activities on your CME/CE manager page.

How will I know when new content is added to the CCO Decision Support mobile app?

CCO will send app notifications any time updates are made or new decision support tools are added to the CCO mobile apps. To receive these notifications, make sure your device is set to allow notifications from our app.

Do I need to be connected to the Internet to use the CCO Decision Support mobile app?

Yes. To ensure you are viewing the most current content and recommendations, you must have an active Internet connection when using the app.

Leaving the CCO site

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